For years BRE has been building championship winning engines for Karters.
From Kid Kart engines to the baddest of Limited Modifieds, we build every engine to the highest standards.
At BRE Every Engine we build is built for the exact needs of the kart racer. Every engine is carefully designed to make the best power throughout the powerband whether used on a short track or big road course.

We spend many hours each year, attending events with our racers, this allows us to stay on top of the racers needs and make sure our product is the best we can build for them -each and every race weekend.

At BRE we take precision workmanship to extreme levels. We carefully choose the best parts and pieces that go into one of our engines.
We use state of the art equipment to test, inspect, flow and prepare our parts before machining our engine components to the highest standards.
For details on our kart engines see our kart engine section!

AT BRE we offer many parts in addition to our engine lineup -be sure to visit our product area for details!
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